Earth Moon and Sun Orbit Model


Earth Moon and Sun Orbit Model


Use this printable Earth, Moon and Sun Orbit Model to create your own orbit!

Color and cut out the Sun, Earth, and Moon, then connect the pieces together with paper fasteners to create a moveable model.

This activity offers visual, and interactive learning around how the Moon orbits the Earth, and how the Earth orbits the Sun.

  • Instant download!
  • Supplied as a 4 page A4 .pdf document to print at home or school
  • Contains 1x precoloured version, 1x colouring page version, and instructions
  • Our Earth Moon and Sun Orbit Model is part of a range of Southern Hemisphere and NZ themed, illustrated Nature Journals.
    It pairs well with learning around the Equinoxes and Solstices –
    – You can also grab this orbit model as part of the part of the  Autumn Equinox Nature Journal
    – This model is also included in the Solstice + Equinox Nature Journal – 4 seasons bundle
  • Hand -sketched and designed in Aotearoa/New Zealand!


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