Creative connection to nature, garden & forest


Inspired by, and created by nature, Paitu make NZ resources to connect us to the seasons and cycles of our natural world; as well as sharing, with respect, treasures from the garden and forest.


Our offerings include seasonal calendars, resources for family rituals, nature play NZ resources, mindful journals, body care, rongoā, harakeke weaving, seeds and edible plants. These resources are designed to encourage us to observe and appreciate our natural world, and work with the cycles around and within us.

We see a great gift we can offer to our tamariki – a chance to play in, and begin to recognise how spending time in nature can act as a balm for our body and mind, and create feelings of wellbeing. Observing natures continual cycles can bring us experiences of gratitude, and greater perspective. Celebrating with natures cycles brings opportunity to witness the daily miracle of natures happenings around us that are so easily taken for granted.
And I find, that while we think we are gifting to the tamariki – it is actually enriching the lives of
mama’s, papa’s and whole whānau alongside!

Our hope is to help generate reverence, to hand down to our children so that they feel connected to, and willing to care for the world they inherit.



NZ Seasons te reo Maori Calendar - PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources
NZ Native seeds and plants - PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources
Rongoa Maori Medicine PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources
Nurture your body with natural NZ skincare PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources
PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources
PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources + family rituals
Graditude journal New Zealand PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources
Harakeke weaving PAITU: Nature Play NZ Resources

Paitu Ngahere + Gardens

“Ko Paitu te awa e rū nei taku ngākau.”
“Paitu is the river that speaks to my heart”

Paitu is the name of our treasured awa / stream that flows from the ngahere / forest at our home. She is fed by springs all year around, her source beginning deep in the ngahere.
Her catchment area is untouched as it flows through the forest, emerging past gardens and fruit trees, where we have planted out what were once bare banks.
We mihi to her as we swim in her waters in summer and meditate by her side in winter. We are grateful to live alongside her.
The land takes her name: Paitu Ngahere.

Nature Inspired Art

Create a daily ritual, connecting your tamariki to th rhythm of our natural world with these New Zealand seasonal calendars. Featuring NZ art and te reo Māori month names.

Ngahere Connection

Herbs, balms and essences for body and mind.


Grow your own veges, fruit trees and NZ natives from seed.

Body Nurture

Balms and serums to nurture your hinengaro, wairua, tiinana / mind, body, spirit.