Montessori birthday celebration: Southern Hemisphere – Printable


Montessori birthday celebration: Southern Hemisphere – Printable


Birthdays are meant to be special, yet often the true meaning gets lost in all the presents and festivities. This Montessori Birthday Celebration SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE gives children a meaningful way to celebrate their birthday, making them feel special while celebrating the story of their life as they grew from babies to children.

It is also known as the Montessori Birthday Walk, or Montessori Celebration of Life.

With the sun and months set out on the floor, the child holds the globe and takes their birthday walk around the sun. Combined with songs and stories, it adds a richness to the birthday celebration that children truly delight in.

As well as being a meaningful tradition for children, it offers an educational and visual understanding of the seasons and months of the year as the earth travels around the sun. The months cards are also a great addition to a child’s nature table, helping to observe and discuss what is growing around us, and other seasonal changes they may notice throughout the year.

Click here to view a video of the Montessori Birthday Celebration which demonstrates this simple ritual and songs.

Montessori birthday celebration SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE – printable download contains:

  • This Montessori Birthday Kit is a downloadable document to print, colour, cut and make your own.
  • Supplied as an A4 digital pdf file.
  • Contains 11 pages of hand drawn art and instructions on how to use, plus an example of the Montessori Birthday Song
  • Includes plus a 2 page document to record baby’s / child’s milestones for each year, which become part of the celebration story and a valued keepsake
  • Each month features individually hand sketched and watercolour painted art
  • This is the Southern Hemisphere version. Click here for the Northern Hemisphere version.
  • Proudly made In Aotearoa / New Zealand
  • Instant download!